Ofra Jewels Facebook Page: 

"Ofra, thank you for always pushing the enveloping and thinking of new, exciting, and extremely creative ideas to do with the girls at camp. We love you Ofra!"

-Dore F.

"The Jewelry is stunning!!! Thanks for a great experience!"

-Tali P.

 "My daughter comes home from camp with these AMAZING things from you....Thank you so much for giving her the confidence to make this jewelry and for all the fun she's having!! Beautiful stuff!!"

-Jessica N.

 "My girls loved the bead-making at S.P's Bat Mitzvah in Manhattan!"

-Steve E.

 "Beautiful! You're doing such an amazing job!"

-Elita A.

 "Beautiful, keep up the good work."

-Elita C.

 "Professional, professional, professional!!! My friend, keep up the good work!!!"

-Orly G.

 "Keep up the great job, Ofra! It's a fun page. Good luck."

-Esther N.


Floral Park Library:
"I've taken several jewelry making classes at the Floral Park Public Library. Each time I've left with a beautiful piece of jewelry. We always make sure we register early for these classes. I would like to learn more about how to finish pieces. (The stuff I make at home is never as nice.) You do excellent job of calmly showing and explaining how to do things. I would love to learn more from you!"
-Irene M.

"Ofra's jewelry making class is very enjoyable. Ofra herself is very sweet and helpful. I like the way that the classes are mixed from bracelets and necklaces, never the same thing twice. Plus the selection of beads are nice."
-Karen L.

"Ofra's jewlery making class is a fun and creative class. In a few easy steps you leave with a piece of jewelry that would be sold in Bloomingdales. Ofra has such patience in teaching all of us. We look forward to every class she does and we recommend it to everyone.
-Donna Z. 

Merrick Public Library:
"I enjoyed the class very much. She was very helpful and assisted everyone. She has a lot of patience with beginners.

"Jewelry making is always an enjoyable class. Ofra is very helpful."

"I enjoy all the beautiful things we make. The classes are great!"

"I really enjoy the jewelry making classes with Ofra. She is a very patient teacher, and brings beautiful stones and beads to work with. I have made two necklaces and two bracelets so far. Looking forward to making earrings!"
-Betsy P. 


I recently made a pair of earrings at the Library and some month ago, made a beautiful pendant necklace....

This morning while I was getting ready to wear the pendant to work, it fell to the bathroom floor and the large stone on the pendant cracked! I am absolutely heartbroken as it is a piece that I love and get many compliments on....I was hoping that you might have a similar stone laying around somewhere in your supply that might match that I might purchase from you or maybe you could direct me where I might go and search out my own stone?????( Michaels??) I am desperate as I really love my necklace!!! The stone was a flattish, rectangular shape....like a marble orangey brownish color.....all the other small fresh water pearls  in the necklace match this stone....oranges, golds, browns, beiges,,,, so I would really just like to replace this big stone so that I can keep wearing it... Help!!! And by the way, when is your next class???? (Where else can I take a class with you besides floral park?)

Please get back to me at your convenience. I really would like to repair and salvage this necklace. Thanks in advance for your help.

 - Eileen