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Beaded Bubble Wand Party

Kids will enjoy getting creative and making their own beaded bubble wand. They will also get to create their own bubble ocean in a jar; all it takes is a little sand…some seashells…and a cute little sea animal or two. The best part is when they get to play with it once it’s complete.

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The Ultimate Slime Bar Party

Ofra Jewels is welcoming you to host the best slime party in the world. This exciting activity is a guaranteed winner at every party, and is a fun time for you and your little ones. Your kids will get to make an experiment while making their own toy before they play with it for hours. Ofra Jewels' slime bar offers the best variety to make your own creative design. All kids will be instructed on how to make a basic slime using provided materials and ingredients. They will have the chance to enhance their slime with various objects, colors and shine. This is a fabulous activity as well as a party favor. Each child will get to bring home their personalized slime in a jar.

Other Parties